The Team

Outback Gliding was founded and is currently run by William Stalenburg and Evelien Nijland. William and Evelien both fly for the same airline in The Netherlands and share an incredible passion for gliding!


"My love affair with aviation started a long time ago when I started gliding in The Netherlands at the age of 15.

In the eighties, I returned to the country where I was born: Australia! I joined the Canberra Gliding Club and had a fantastic time.

Still flying the 737 around Europe and Northern Africa for a living, but I love spending four months a year in Australia, doing what I love most and the thing that started it all: gliding!'


"After having started a career as an airline pilot, I fell in love with gliding and beautiful Australia after my first flight with William here in Narromine.

A thorough preparation for work and flying is very important to me‚ÄĒperhaps my female touch!

Gliding in Narromine helps me improve my skills every flight while enjoying this beautiful country, one of the ultimate outdoor heavens!"