About our services

Even though we enjoy life in general and try not to worry too much, our team does consist of seasoned professional pilots and as such, we are able to offer you very high quality services.

We offer transport of your glider in our own sea container from Western Europe (The Netherlands) to Narromine and back including all necessary documents, quarantine inspections, port handling and full support.

We plan on having the container ready for unpacking in Narromine in the first days of November and ready for pickup in Narromine in the last week of February. This way you can make maximum use of your glider in both hemispheres and gliding seasons. Double the fun!

We also offer professional coaching, designed to bring your gliding skills to a whole new level. Coaching can be combined with several challenges that you can partake in as an individual, or as a group.

Please note that for the time being, rental and coaching is available only during the Australian summer.

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