Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) membership
GFA membership to foreign pilots: International visitors who are members of an approved international gliding organisation or have an international gliding license may purchase an international visitor membership in one-month blocks. There is no limit to the number of blocks purchased or how often these are purchased.

Pricing at present time (February 2016): AUD 106 per month

Miscellaneous services
Container transport on request
Towing AUD 55 to 2000 ft AGL as of 2016
Hangar storage AUD 55 per week (Narromine Council) as of 2016
Airport fees None

Cross-Country coaching
All aircraft types AUD 250 per day (excluding the glider)

Worth mentioning is that there are no extra charges such as landing fees or handling/service charges,
so all you need is your glider, or rent one from the Narromine Gliding Club. You pay for your aerotow
and that's it! No hidden costs.